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40th Anniversary of DIMS&PhE

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Institute of Physics&Technology
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Petrozavodsk State University

Office 111
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Petrozavodsk, 185910
Russian Federation
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Nataly Yu. Yershova
Chair Head, Associate Professor, PhD

  • Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Physics & Technologies
  • scientific interests – microprocessor technologies, system-on-chip technologies, embedded software
  • number of publications – 112

Dmitry I. Balashov
Dean of the Faculty of Physics & Technologies, Associate Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – electrophysical and kinetic parameters of halogen gas plasma, chemistry of plasma systems
  • number of publications – 33

Boris Z. Belashev
Full Professor, PhD

  • Senior Researcher of Geological Sciences Institute of Karelian Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • scientific interests – crystallography, calculus of approximations, mathematical simulation, software tools
  • number of publications – 130

Artem V. Bulba
Associate Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – tomography of complex plasma
  • number of publications – 41

Irina V. Bute

  • scientific interests – mathematical simulation of thermal and mass diffusion in process of resistive switching at thin-film oxide structures
  • number of publications – 5

Dmitry A. Ekimov
Assistant Professor

  • scientific interests – software and hardware for automated control systems, simulation of defibering
  • number of publications – 19

Konstantin A. Ekimov
Associate Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – automation of spectroscopic experiments, software development for LabVIEW environment
  • number of publications – 28

Alexandr S. Galov
Assistant Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – algorithms of localization and positioning in global, local and inertial navigation systems
  • number of publications – 20

Sergey A. Kiprushkin
Assistant Professor

  • Deputy Director for Development of Regional Center for New Information Technologies
  • scientific interests – operation systems, network technologies, hardware of automated systems, systems of electronic documents circulation
  • number of publications – 126

Anton Yu. Kogochev
Associate Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – excitation processes at low-energy atomic collisions, robotics, network technologies, distributed information measurement and control systems on base of Ethernet-devices
  • number of publications – 20

Vadim A. Kuroptev
Lecturer, PhD student

  • scientific interests – pilot research in the field of solid-state electronics
  • number of publications – 23

Alexei P. Moschevikin
Associate Professor, PhD

Alexandr L. Pergament
Full Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – solid state physics
  • number of publications – 179

Alexandr A. Pikalev.
Lecturer, PhD student

  • scientific interests – optical diagnostics of plasma
  • number of publications – 12

Sergey F. Podryadchikov
Associate Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – complex plasma, automated control systems, automation of physical experiments
  • number of publications – 42

Alexandr V. Semenov

  • scientific interests – complex plasma
  • number of publications – 12

Alexei S. Shtykov
Assistant Professor

  • Deputy Head of the Directorate for Innovation and Production
  • Head of Museum of Amusing Science
  • Head of Center for Innovation and Technology in Hardware Components of Electronic Devices and Network Technologies
  • scientific interests – plasma physics, correlation methods of analysis of ordered dusty stuctures in plasma, innovation technologies
  • number of publications – 13

Alexei V. Soloviev
Associate Professor, PhD

  • scientific interests – software and hardware for information measuring systems, distributed acquisition and processing of data
  • number of publications – 62

Genrikh B. Stefanovich
Full Professor, PhD

  • Director of Institute of Information and Telecommunications and Nanotechnologies of PetrSU
  • Direcor of the Plasma Research and Education Center
  • scientific interests – solid state physics
  • number of publications – 149

Natalya M. Yakovleva
Full Professor, PhD

  • Head of Laboratory of Nanostructured Oxide Films Physics
  • scientific interests – physical principles of growing and structuring of oxide films
  • number of publications – 140

  • Burdyukh, Sergei V. – Reseacher, PhD student
  • Chugin, Vladimir P. – Senior Programmer
  • Dolgii, Konstantin A. – PhD student
  • Fomichev, Mikhail A. – PhD student
  • Gnezdilov, Igor I. – Programmer
  • Kabedev, Alexei V. – PhD student
  • Kobylin, Vladimir I. – Engineer
  • Markova, Nadezhda P. – PhD student
  • Mikov, Alexandr G. – PhD student
  • Nekrylova, Irina M. – Engineer
  • Osipov, Nikolai S. – Engineer
  • Popov, Victor A. – Senior Glassblower
  • Reginya, Sergei A. – PhD student
  • Reznik, Raisa G. – Engineer
  • Scherbina, Alexandr I. – Senior Engineer
  • Serezhina, Maria A. – PhD student
  • Serova, Galina E. – Engineer
  • Shibayev, Igor P. – Manager of Laboratories
  • Shulga, Alisa M. – PhD student
  • Smirnov, Sergey V. – Engineer
  • Stepanova, Kristina V. – PhD student
  • Tershukov, Ivan A. – PhD student
  • Vasiliev, Stepan G. – PhD student
  • Yushev Artem A. – PhD student

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